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Rachel Gawne

Qualified and experienced homeopath specialising in child and teen health

Feel Better Naturally

I am a fully qualified, insured and experienced homeopath working from clinics in Brighton and Hove, Sussex UK and also globally via video call.

I offer consultations to adults and children across the whole range of issues that homeopathy can help with. I specialise in helping children facing developmental issues as they go through their school years. This includes anxiety, depression, autism, ADHD and hormonal changes.

Help for your child or teenager

Is your child struggling? Have they started to miss out on opportunities? Do you want to get your son or daughter back to school or college?

Perhaps your child or teenager is facing difficulties with anxiety, worries about their studies or friendships, depression, anger, behaviour or OCD issues? Or are their troubles more physical, such as allergies, bedwetting, fatigue, difficulty sleeping, eczema, asthma, or more complex such as ADHD, autism? For teenagers hormonal changes can also cause issues, such as painful periods, insomnia, acne etc.

Often there is a combination of emotional and physical symptoms. Whatever the problem may be, children and young adults respond very well to homeopathy.

By stopping for a while, sitting down and having a chat with someone outside the school and family environments, either by themselves or with a parent/carer, we have the time and opportunity to explore what is going on for your child. Often little nuggets of information come out that even a concerned parent did not know.

Homeopathy consultations involve talking over the issue at hand, including the person's symptoms, medical history and other health concerns. A remedy or remedies are then prescribed according to the information given. Some children and teens don't want to talk, so sometimes, it may be easier for the parent to attend the consultation without the child present or only present for a short period, whichever works best for you.

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Autistic Symptoms

I treat children and teenagers with autistic symptoms and behaviours gently and naturally, using protocols established by Ton Jansen's Homeopathic Detox Therapy and homeopath Tinus Smits' methodology (CEASE). Both approaches address the various factors that contribute to the causes of autism or autistic symptoms, which include vaccines, medication overload, environmental and emotional stressors and genetics.

The homeopathic treatment plan is always tailored to the individual child. Read more here

Where to see me

  • I practice from my home office between Kemp Town and Queen's Park in Brighton, Sussex
  • I offer slots on Tuesday evenings at Hove Natural Health Clinic on Montefiore Road, Hove, Sussex
  • I offer consultations by video call from the privacy and comfort of your home. No need to organise transport and parking, or arrange childcare etc - just book a timeslot to suit you.
    I use Skype or VSee usually but can use your preferred one.

Some health insurance companies will reimburse you in full or part for your homeopathy treatment costs. For a list of those that do, such as Simply Health, click here.

Rachel Gawne BSc Hons, MLCHom, MARH
Qualified Homeopath
Member of Alliance of Registered Homeopaths

To book an appointment or for a free, no obligation chat about how homeopathy can help you, contact me on 01273 626009 or email or Book Now

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