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ADHD. Children at school

Attention Deficit Disorders (ADHD/ADD) are the most common psychological problems that parents look for help for their children from paediatricians, doctors, CAMHS or complementary therapies.

Being able to concentrate, pay attention and focus are so important in a child's development because they are needed for all learning, thinking and social interaction. If these abilities are not working fully, it can have a big impact on that child and also their siblings, parents, class mates and teachers.

Children with ADHD tendencies filter external stimuli in a different way. If there is a disturbance in that filter, the child can perceive all stimuli in the environment at once but, unable to filter, will feel disorientated, have disturbed concentration, restlessness and rapid fatigue. It will have knock on affects to their senses in differing ways; you may recognise some of the following in your child:

Sight - delays in drawing, difficulty reading and writing despite obvious intelligence (dyslexia), sensitivity to light, reactions worse when reading
Touch - ticklish, fidgety, cramping, finding certain clothes uncomfortable (labels). Reject being held or cuddled, or the opposite - constantly seeking touch
Hearing - oversensitive hearing (very reactive to loud noises, but not to their own loud noise), inattention ('he isn't listening'), stammering
Smell - oversensitive to smells or poor sense of smell
Taste - oversensitive or reduced sensitivity
Balance - travel sickness, falls, fear of heights
Inner body - manual and motor clumsiness. Writing is difficult, cramped and tiring. Child may fall easily or be clumsy
Processing - weak memory, easily distracted, restlessness, hyperactivity, tiredness, poor concentration

The above doesn't cover the other emotional and behavioural symptoms you may be seeing in your child, such as anger, frustration, meltdowns, problems with sleep and so on. There is also an overlap with other neurological conditions such as Dyslexia, Autism etc. Knock on affects from any on the above list may lead to criticism, lack of approval or being told off for their behaviour etc, which can contribute to low self esteem, anxiety and depression.

I know how hard it can be for both the child and their family to deal with the ups and downs of ADHD and I am passionate about helping to improve the child's health and wellbeing.

My approach is to evaluate the above problems, which are a unique combination in each child, together with the rest of their health history, and match them with the best homeopathic remedy.

Treatment is likely to include:
Treating gut health (a common issue)
Heavy metal, medication and/or toxin clearing (where relevant)
Constitutional remedies
Birth trauma clearing
Underlying family traits (miasms)

Treatment is medium term though gradual gains can be seen within 1 month. Improvements are measured using the Conner's Global Index. A child does not need to have a formal diagnosis to get homeopathic help with ADHD tendencies.

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