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Homeopathic Detoxes

Detoxes. Mother & daughter

Do you or your child feel run down, easily exhausted or just not right for a long time?

We are all exposed to toxins in our every day lives - they are in the air (exhaust fumes, paint fumes), in our food (processed food or fruit, veg and grains treated with fertilisers), in our medication (even though they may have been much needed eg epidural or IVF) - and they gradually take a toll.

If you have a history of frequent medication or find you are not responding to other treatments, I encourage you to try homeopathy. Sometimes the cause of feeling unwell can be easily identified and other times it is harder to pinpoint a moment when things changed or perhaps the symptoms were there from birth (toxins in the mother).

It's sometimes the case that healing is delayed or incomplete because of the legacy of medication or toxins left in the body. Once these are gently cleared using homeopathy, recovery and healing usually speeds up.

In order to establish what might have impacted on you or your child, I take a detailed chronological timeline of medical procedures you or they have received, the history of vaccines, medication taken (anti-biotics, steroids), chemical exposures, accidents, emotional traumas, etc from you. This includes conception, pregnancy and labour. Anything that has impacted the immune system is considered and factored into the homeopathic treatment. A detailed account of the current symptoms is also taken. You may already know whether there are issues with heavy metals from completing a Hair Mineral Analysis.

I start by supporting the detox organs to get them ready and performing at their best before starting work. Once the detox organs are working as well as possible, the treatment then focuses on the removal of the impact of each event that may have upset the body - be it vaccinations, accidents, medications etc.

Homeopathy is one of the few treatments that can detoxify, balance and restore. Detox protocols are available for adults and children and are gentle and effective treatments.

Specific detoxes available include:

  • Vaccines - DTP, MMR, HPV, tropical etc
  • Heavy metals - aluminium, lead, mercury, copper etc
  • Oral Contraceptive Pill, Morning After Pill
  • IVF and fertility medication
  • Labour meds including epidural
  • Steroids
  • Anti-biotics
  • Glyphosate (Round Up)
  • Anti-depressants
  • and others

    Read more about how the body detoxes here.

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