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What Clients Say

These are the replies and feedback from a few past patients about their experience and perceptions of homeopathic treatment from me

Children & Developmental Issues

'We had a good summer with X. With very few meltdowns. The school haven't mentioned any concerns.' (previously there were daily 'meltdowns')
ADHD & moderate Autism in boy, 8

'Hi Rachel. Just updating you about B. I gave him his last dose on Sunday and since the last time we saw you, he has been in good health (fingers crossed) and the first time in 3 years we had a healthy B for xmas! He has also been very talkative by himself when he is playing (pretend play) and with other people (relatives who visited over xmas and new year).'
Selective mutism in boy, 3

'J is going well! She's much calmer since taking the remedies - it's like she can pause and take a breath before feeling rage. She seems much happier too...'
ADHD girl, 9

‘My seven year old son has suffered from a scaly skin condition since he was two. For the last five years we have bathed him every night and applied a variety of moisturisers and creams from the doctor. Within months of receiving homeopathic remedies from Rachel the scales started to fade and miraculously disappear!’
Pityriasis versicolor in boy, 7

Hormonal Issues

'I had little to no depressive moods, down days or bad sleep at all that week on the lead up, or during the period itself.

I had another period yesterday... what’s even more surprising is that, I had absolutely zero low mood or any PMT signs at all on the lead up to this one. It almost took me by surprise that it arrived. I have felt so good – mentally & physically – the last few days and have so much energy that it’s almost impossible to believe that I’ve got a period to be honest! I also definitely notice a huge difference in my concentration during the day, my focus is much sharper.

My sleep in general since I started taking the sleep meds has really improved. I find with insomnia cycles that breaking it is a big thing and usually it stays away. I still take a good half an hour to get to sleep but I’ve had little to no sleep disturbances and when I wake up I have so much more energy and my fatigue is basically zero. Last month I didn’t have the usual sleep issues I’ve had during my period days. Good sleep makes a HUGE difference.'
Hormonal disturbances and insomnia in female, 32

‘I’ve started my period today and didn’t have the usual dragging pain build up so that’s wonderful…. I do feel a significant difference in pain and in mood’
Severe endometriosis in female, 40

‘Things definitely have settled down and improved… I’m confident the treatment helped’
Pain during intercourse in female, 26

‘I have suffered with illness all my life and have been back and forward to the doctors and hospital. Always been fobbed off with another tablet or appointment and nothing seemed to change. That's when I decided to take my life into my own hands and looked at other ways to break a mould.

I finally came across Rachel's page and decided to call. When speaking to Rachel she listened and cared and made me feel like I wasn't going mad. I set an appointment and was greeted by a woman that wanted to listen and help me. The first appointment, I was open to change and haven't looked back. Being a PCOS sufferer and my hormones levels sky high I felt like a freak to be honest and Rachel changed that. She listened, cared and came up with a course of natural medicines that have changed me completely. My hormone levels are back to normal (and even have the blood test from the doctors to prove that) and instead of feeling like a man I feel more like a woman again.’
PCOS in female, 34

‘I was diagnosed with a polycystic ovaries a year ago - a huge cyst was identified on the left ovary and a smaller one on the right. I was then further diagnosed with endometriosis. After homeopathic remedies from Rachel, both cysts reduced in size very quickly and then disappeared. It is fantastic! We are now working on the endometriosis.’
Polycystic ovaries in female, 30


'I approached Rachel as I was struggling with my sleep. She prepared a remedy and I can honestly say I slept much better that night and my anxiety lifted! I don’t know a huge amount about how Homeopathy works but I’m grateful nevertheless for this treatment. Thank you so much Rachel'
Insomnia and anxiety in female, 48

‘Following a long period of stress I found that I was not coping well with everyday life. I kept bursting into tears or thinking morbid thoughts. After homeopathic and flower essence prescriptions from Rachel I was amazed to find that my mood lightened, the tears stopped and life felt better. Thank you.’
Stress and anxiety in female, 40

‘I have suffered from panic attacks and anxiety for over twenty years. Sometimes it has been so debilitating that I feel unable to even walk up the road to the shops. I have tried so many alternative therapies and counselling services but nothing has helped me. I didn’t have much hope when I went to see Rachel, but homeopathic treatment has reached the parts that others couldn’t! The other day I wandered up to the shops without even noticing that I wasn’t anxious. Every day things seem to get easier.’
Panic attacks and anxiety in female, 52


‘Having struggled over the last few years with minor health problems that I'd simply put down to age and menopause I went to my GP. I was tested positive for underactive thyroid, my diagnosis was borderline so my GP was unable to offer me conventional medicine other than regular re-tests to monitor my levels. I did not want to wait until it got worse enough to treat and I certainly did not want to put synthetic hormones into my body so I sought homeopathic help.

Rachel’s empathic and open approach allowed me to explore many areas of my life both emotionally and physically. As well as homeopathic treatment for the presenting thyroid problem, we also looked at any dietary or emotional issues that might contribute to how I was feeling generally.

I am very happy to report that three months later my thyroid is now functioning normally, confirmed by my GP's re-test. I feel healthier, more alert, my concentration span is higher and my skin has improved greatly. I feel happier, more content with life in general and more able to cope with what life throws at me. I would definitely seek Rachel's help again and have had no hesitation when recommending her to many of my friends and colleagues; wonderful, warm and enlightening experience.’
Hypothyroid in female, 48

‘Hello Rachel, my son is better in every sense since he visited you’
Swimmers’ ear and migraines in student, 21

'X has responded really well to the homeopathy. She felt a bit tired and nauseous on Saturday afternoon but I think that was after being up and out after 2 days bed rest! She looked so much better Sunday and her appetite is back. So a big thank you!'
Affects from HPV vaccination in girl, 14

'I gave Rachel a call because I was feeling really run down after they installed 5G LED lamp posts outside my house, for about 2 months I could barely get out of bed, drained of all energy, my ears were ringing constantly and the pressure in my head was unbearable, Rachel was amazing she gave me lots of helpful tips and within days of taking the remedies I started to feel like myself again, can't thank her enough, she also helped my daughter through a very emotional time in her life and she has gone on from strength to strength, highly recommend:)'
EMF and radiation effects - female, 48

‘I was using alternative medicine for many years but then I found homeopathy which is very effective and has no side effects! Thank you Rachel.’
Female, 56

‘I got the remedy in the post today. Thank you. I have had a lot of relief from my allergies lately. Whatever you have given me is working great.'
Allergies in female, 32

‘I have now finished both my remedy and the flower essence mixture. I have been feeling quite a lot better. I have been sleeping well and do not feel as stressed as I had previously been, I feel a lot calmer inside. The pulsatilla for the sinusitis worked very well, thank you.’
Sinusitis and stress in female, 52

'Having suffered from Pityriasis Versicolor and Candida for the last seven years, Rachel Gawne has been able to offer the first constructive support I have received for this condition. Over a 6 month period my skin has improved no end and I am generally more healthy in both body and mind, I recommend her highly.'
Pityriasis versicolor and candida in male, 27

'Rachel has made a huge difference to my health and well being over the last few years. She has a great knowledge of natural medicine and homeopathy and is always understanding, caring and supportive, I highly recommend her.'
Female, 49


Sinus headache
‘…had it 12 days, along w no taste or smell, the pain is over one eye sometimes then to the middle of my head- in between my eyes, clear mucous but only if I blow my nose- very little, a little dizziness, no sore throat, no cough, no ear pain. Mood is tired, sensitive to noise, just wanna lay around. Eye feel heavy. Mood is feeling quiet and just wanna hang out alone….’

‘Thank you so much for the suggestions - started taking Kali bich - headache is gone!’

Overwhelm and Stress
‘…a stressful evening that’s continuing. Very tearful, feeling overwhelmed and the need to be alone, not touched etc. but not happening with young children to care for…’

‘Just wanted to report back that I took one dose of Ignatia 30c last night and very swiftly felt much better. I felt the upset and tears leave very quickly. I still felt spent from stress but was actually able to sit down for a bit then help the children get to sleep and me too soon after. It felt a bit like drawing a line under what had come up to that point. Thanks again’

Symptoms from Legionella infection
Homeopathic support for 9 days using multiple remedies – cough, diarrhoea, fever, exhaustion, tight chest, night sweats.…

‘Thanks so much for checking on him. He’s doing really well. Fully recovered.’

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