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What Clients Say

‘I have suffered with illness all my life and have been back and forward to the doctors and hospital. Always been fobbed off with another tablet or appointment and nothing seemed to change. That's when I decided to take my life into my own hands and looked at other ways to break a mould.
I finally came across Rachel's page and decided to call. When speaking to Rachel she listened and cared and made me feel like I wasn't going mad. I set an appointment and was greeted by a woman that wanted to listen and help me. The first appointment, I was open to change and haven't looked back. Being a PCOS sufferer and my hormones levels sky high I felt like a freak to be honest and Rachel changed that. She listened, cared and came up with a course of natural medicines that have changed me completely. My hormone levels are back to normal (and even have the blood test from the doctors to prove that) and instead of feeling like a man I feel more like a woman again.’
Female, 34

'Hi Rachel. Just updating you about B. I gave him his last dose on Sunday and since the last time we saw you, he has been in good health (fingers crossed) and the first time in 3 years we had a healthy B for xmas! He has also been very talkative by himself when he is playing (pretend play) and with other people (relatives who visited over xmas and new year).'
Mother for boy, 3

'X has responded really well to the homeopathy. She felt a bit tired and nauseous on Saturday afternoon but I think that was after being up and out after 2 days bed rest! She looked so much better Sunday and her appetite is back. So a big thank you!'
Mother for girl, 14

‘My seven year old son has suffered from a scaly skin condition since he was two. For the last five years we have bathed him every night and applied a variety of moisturisers and creams from the doctor. Within months of receiving homeopathic remedies from Rachel the scales started to fade and miraculously disappear!’
Mother for boy, 7

‘Having struggled over the last few years with minor health problems that I'd simply put down to age and menopause I went to my GP. I was tested positive for underactive thyroid, my diagnosis was borderline so my GP was unable to offer me conventional medicine other than regular re-tests to monitor my levels. I did not want to wait until it got worse enough to treat and I certainly did not want to put synthetic hormones into my body so I sought homeopathic help.
Rachel’s empathic and open approach allowed me to explore many areas of my life both emotionally and physically. As well as homeopathic treatment for the presenting thyroid problem, we also looked at any dietary or emotional issues that might contribute to how I was feeling generally.
I am very happy to report that three months later my thyroid is now functioning normally, confirmed by my GP's re-test. I feel healthier, more alert, my concentration span is higher and my skin has improved greatly. I feel happier, more content with life in general and more able to cope with what life throws at me. I would definitely seek Rachel's help again and have had no hesitation when recommending her to many of my friends and colleagues; wonderful, warm and enlightening experience.’
Female, 48

‘I was diagnosed with a polycystic ovaries a year ago - a huge cyst was identified on the left ovary and a smaller one on the right. I was then further diagnosed with endometriosis. After homeopathic remedies from Rachel, both cysts reduced in size very quickly and then disappeared. It is fantastic! We are now working on the endometriosis.’
Female, 30

‘Following a long period of stress I found that I was not coping well with everyday life. I kept bursting into tears or thinking morbid thoughts. After homeopathic and flower essence prescriptions from Rachel I was amazed to find that my mood lightened, the tears stopped and life felt better. Thank you.’
Female, 40

‘I have suffered from panic attacks and anxiety for over twenty years. Sometimes it has been so debilitating that I feel unable to even walk up the road to the shops. I have tried so many alternative therapies and counselling services but nothing has helped me. I didn’t have much hope when I went to see Rachel, but homeopathic treatment has reached the parts that others couldn’t! The other day I wandered up to the shops without even noticing that I wasn’t anxious. Every day things seem to get easier.’
Female, 52

‘I was using alternative medicine for many years but then I found homeopathy which is very effective and has no side effects! Thank you Rachel.’
Female, 56

‘I got the remedy in the post today. Thank you. I have had a lot of relief from my allergies lately. Whatever you have given me is working great.'
Female, 32

‘I have now finished both my remedy and the flower essence mixture. I have been feeling quite a lot better. I have been sleeping well and do not feel as stressed as I had previously been, I feel a lot calmer inside. The pulsatilla for the sinusitis worked very well, thank you.’
Female, 52

‘I would go to Rachel rather than to the doctor in future.'
Female, 64

'Having suffered from Pityriasis Versicolor and Candida for the last seven years, Rachel Gawne has been able to offer the first constructive support I have received for this condition. Over a 6 month period my skin has improved no end and I am generally more healthy in both body and mind, I recommend her highly.'
Male, 27

'Rachel has made a huge difference to my health and well being over the last few years. She has a great knowledge of natural medicine and homeopathy and is always understanding, caring and supportive, I highly recommend her.'
Female, 49

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